Children’s workshop “At home with Van Gogh’

Van Gogh lived at Schenkweg and had his studio there. His girlfriend Sien and her children moved in. The house was situated behind the Rijnspoor Railway Station, close to a flower farm and several small fields. One could see a carpentry yard and the meadows of Rijswijk from the attic window. Vincent Van Gogh was happy with his young family and described his home to his brother Theo.

‘At home with Van Gogh’ is a kit for the attic room of Van Gogh’s house in The Hague. The package is easy to assemble. In the house the children or young adults can place their selfie with his wife, the heater and the child in the cradle..

Workshop ‘Self-portait like Van Gogh’

Van Gogh’s dozens of self-portraits are an important part of his oeuvre as a painter. He created more than 43 self-portraits between 1881 and 1890.  The portraits vary in intensity, style and colour. Sometimes Van Gogh depicts himself as an artist. He can be seen with bandages in portraits executed just after he mutilated his ear.  

In The Hague Van Gogh did a watercolour of the Laakmolen as a fond remembrance of a walk he took with his brother on the Rijswijkseweg. The focus of the painting is neither the tranquil landscape nor the windmill, but the human contact of the two men talking while standing on the path. Perhaps the men are Theo and Vincent? This can be Van Gogh’s first selfportrait and his first portrait of his brother Theo. In fact it probably is the only portrait of Theo and Vincent together.