Pop-up exhibition in Jan van Goyen’s house

The Vincent van Gogh Experience The Hague is located in Jan van Goyen’s house (Outdoormuseum – Buitenmuseum, Schilderrijk Den Haag). There is a pop-up exhibition about the Hague years of Van Gogh. The exhibition can easily be combined with a guided tour through the neighbourhood (with or without a guide or a walking booklet).

Vincent van Gogh’s The Hague period

Today Vincent Van Gogh is considered one of the greatest artists of all time. The dramatic story of this eccentric man who, in a fit of madness, cut off a part of his left ear is well-known. A lesser known fact is that the city of The Hague played a crucial role in his evolution as an artist. This city is still home to many actual locations bound to his work and his letters. Van Gogh’s first letters to his brother Theo, his first paintings, his first use of artistic aids such as the perspective frame and wooden drawing frame, and his first paid commission, all originated during his time in The Hague. Although The Hague was home to Van Gogh for only six years, the city remained a life-long inspiration to his art and it is still possible to follow Van Gogh’s footsteps through the city and its surrounding areas.

The Hague’s work in the international context

The pawn shop, the soup kitchen, the slums; all were welcome subjects for the young artist. Van Gogh’s work in The Hague is of a different calibre than that of his more acclaimed French work, but his choice of subject matter was just as ground-breaking for The Netherlands. The working class, the view of filthy factories, the fringes of society; all subjects that others in The Hague avoided, but those which continued to fascinate Van Gogh and still serve to present us with a more troubled view of nineteenth Century society.

The exhibition in the Jan van Goyenhuis

In the Jan van Goyen’s house we focus on the artworks, letter fragments and locations in the nearby area. The exhibition has no original works, but the locations are of course original.

Van Gogh meets Van Goyen

We are guests in the house of Jan van Goyen, a famous Dutch Master. From time to time Van Gogh writes about him in his letters. An impression the video “Van Gogh meets Van Goyen”: