Vincent van Gogh Den Haag - Scheveningen


Van Gogh back in Scheveningen

The Vincent van Gogh painting "Sea view at Scheveningen" was stolen more than fourteen years ago and sold on. Last September the painting was recovered during an investigation into the Camorra, the Naples mafia. To celebrate its return, there will be an exhibition in The Hague.

From December 1881 till September 1883 Vincent van Gogh resided in The Hague and Scheveningen. He settled on the Schenkweg in The Hague where he also had his studio. However, Scheveningen was Van Gogh's great love. He sketched and painted there regularly and would have loved to have had his studio there, but Scheveningen is "outrageously expensive".

In the Vincent van Gogh Experience in the Jan van Goyenhuis attention will be given to the making of the genre 'sea view'. The story explains how painters from the area contributed to this genre and in what way Van Gogh's own work is related to that genre. 

The artist will be our guide. Quotes from his letters take us to Scheveningen as a Spa and as a village.
The exhibitions will be a prelude to the publication of the book "Vincent van Gogh in The Hague"(English version) by art historian Wimmie Hofstra, the organiser of the exhibition.

Hours and admission Vincent van Gogh Experience in the Jan van Goyenhuis

Dunne Bierkade 16a

The Hague

Saturday and Sunday 14:00-17:00 by appointment only, enquiries: 010 2653659

tickets €7,50.